Fact Sheet

The consistent drive and commitment put forth by the people at mr.playpartners over the past year has drawn in thousands of affiliates and created hundreds of new partnerships. Affiliates became interested in mr.playpartners quite quickly. The company’s recent launch was led by pioneering leaders in the world of affiliation. The experience, genuine expertise and enthusiasm has come to define the affiliate program as one of the most innovative, up and coming affiliate partnerships out there today.

Each affiliate who promotes the mr.play brand knows that the main goal for mr.playpartners is to utilize multi level marketing to capture new acquisitions. Using various proven methods, including bonus incentives, cash back promotions, loyalty programs, direct marketing, and more, the affiliate managers at mr.playpartners are helping its partners with strategy and knowledge 24/7. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of joining mr.playpartners

Who is mr.playpartners

The affiliate program is dedicated to supporting affiliates who agree to promote the mr.play brand on their website. Utilizing a suite of marketing tools, each affiliate is entitled to numerous marketing tools to support his/her efforts. With years of experience, affiliate managers at mr.playpartners guide you along and support your efforts at every possible turn. The program creates top converting customers.

How does mr.playpartners Support me?

mr.playpartners works with affiliates around the world, with no exclusion. However, this may change from time to time. Once you choose mr.playpartners and register, your account will be reviewed. Once approved you can start earning money within 48 hours. After which you will be offered marketing tools to accelerate our partnership.