How the Program Works

mr.playpartners is one of the newest boutique affiliate programs to receive great, early acclaim. With a flexible, and easy to join program that provides useful, proven methods to enable affiliates an opportunity to develop top converting customers.

This program in particular is without risk or committment. Dedicated account managers work with affiliates every step of the way to cast a broad net around your market. Utilizing traditional and non-traditional methods, the program develops ways for you to maximize the exposure of their brand. Only through mutual dedication will your relationship with your affiliate program succeed. Affiliates quickly recognize the enthusiasm and commitment that is dedicated to them.

Bringing marketing knowledge, along with a small army of affiliate managers, the solutions offered by mr.playpartners are contributing to a rise in top converting traffic. Additionally, the in-house resources available to affiliates offer greater incentives and profitability than most affiliate programs in the market.

Once trust is established and you begin advocating the mr.playpartners brand, your affiliate manager will begin to offer varying tools for implementation. Logos, banners, landing pages, content, icons, HTML mailers and additional leverage will be created in several languages at your request.

Obviously, if there is still something missing or something you require in order to boost conversion, speak with your affiliate manager to discuss your idea. Whether you are bringing traffic through a website, emails, or other alternative mediums, your performance will be analyzed by your account manager and optimized for higher conversion. Although it is difficult to forecast success, this program emphasizes one component that is instrumental in reaching new levels of conversion. mr.playpartners maintains its advantage in the market primarily through its robust support and sharp marketing strategies.