Introduction to mr.playpartners

Introduction to mr.playpartners

One of the reasons new and experienced affiliates are joining the Affiliate Programme at mr.playparters is the professionalism, integrity and initiative offered by the account managers to form partnerships and cooperate on join efforts to convert traffic.

Once you decide to join mr.playpartners your account, and website will be reviewed by a team of specialist who will gage your account to determine how we may proceed. Once approved you will be able to start earning within 48 hours of approval. Click here to register. There are many ways to generate clicks and many traffic sources. mr.playpartners works exclusively with affiliates who drive traffic from their website(s).

Mr.playpartners caters to affiliates from many countries, so no matter where your base of operations may be, we will be happy to discuss potential deals and working strategies with you. Within this point, certain policies change from time to time, so if you would like to confirm the acceptance of your area, you can send your inquiry to [email protected] and ask directly. One your site is reviewed all you need to do is agree to the terms & conditions, there is no payment required whatsoever.

Marketing with mr.playpartners

Once your application is accepted we will assign a unique ID to your account. This ID will track all of the marketing tools that will be offered to you for your website and efforts. The data from this tracking ID will help us grow together. Additional variables to be added in the links will help us both analyze the behaviour of your visitors. The automatic tracking code generator creates the html tracking code that will be embedded into your website(s). Once you have set the links on your site you can review your stats on the mr.playPartners site and pull the tracking code on your own.

Place the links on your site as you see fit, this is entirely your choice and we trust your decision. Once you find the place for our links on your site, be sure to ask for any customized banners or other marketing material you may require. Mr.playpartners offers high quality, proven marketing tools that are dedicated to precise marketing and high conversion for your traffic.

Many affiliates work with more than one programme, we understand this decision and welcome affiliates who are committed to more than one affiliate programme. As a mr.playpartners affiliate you have total access to your statistics 24/7. We will walk you through the operations of the portal and ensure you understand the data presented. Additionally, you can update your information and your balance. We update your account daily with the most up to date information. If you need a report, just ask and we will send it to you without delay.

Payments with mr.playpartners

mr.playpartners process your payment each month, on the 12th business day. You will receive your payment in EUR and it will be transmitted directly to your bank account. We offer a selection of payment methods including – Moneybookers, Neteller, or through a wire transfer.