AG Awards 2019 Casino has been nominated for yet another AskGamblers Award! After coming in second in the Best New Casino category last year, we’re now finalists the Best Casino 2019 trophy.

Voting has already begun. We’re asking our partners to consider us and vote for in the Best Casino category, since a vote for us — and we can’t stress this enough — is a vote for our joint efforts and shared achievements.

From’s inception, we’ve strived to build an affiliate programme that reflected our values, where success and respect for our partners go hand in hand. We have been privileged to have achieved so much in such a short time, and to have had you on this ride.

This past year has been just as eventful as the one before. We’ve launched Sport, seen growth that exceeded our expectations, and attended industry events where we had the pleasure of meeting many of you.

We celebrated our birthday in a special, meaningful way by participating in the Movember initiative, at the end of which we were able to donate to charity and give back to a global community.

Now as 2019 is drawing to a close, and awards season is upon us, you can vote to acknowledge all the great work we’ve done together — back at the AskGamblers Awards!


You can sign up here to vote for as the Best Casino of 2019: