As you all know, Partners over the last few years are proud to be working with the infamous online casinos, Regent Play, Queenplay and Plaza Royal. With each year, the innovative minds at Marketplay Ltd., are always on the lookout for the next niche, the next ‘gap in the market’, the next trend that will set the industry alight and get iGaming experts and the casino enthusiasts talking. Today is another very special day for Partners, as we finally announce our 5th official brand launch – Spin Rio! The only online casino that will take you all the way from the comfort of your home to the bright, white sands of Copacabana Beach WITH A WILD ENERGY!

Spin Rio, established in 2021 by Marketplay Ltd. The new online casino does not just offer its players an exciting gaming experience. Spin Rio also aims to provide its players with the type of experience that is truly unforgettable that will result in many, many conversions, and acquisitions.

On the site, your players will be immediately hit with the with the bright, colourful feathers of the carnival and the classic vibes directly coming from the heart of Rio de Jennerian culture. Players will be met with a site containing over 1000+ unique and engaging casino games that will keep your players glued to their screens! The site comes in several different languages, is accessible on your desktop and your mobile, allowing for a safe, enjoyable and private experience for players on the go and at the comfort of their own home.

“It’s bigger than Europe, its wilder than Africa – it’s Spin Rio!”

Become a new partner today and succeed, together.