The future of SEO

Optimizing your content and web presence through SEO for affiliate marketers is as important
as the product itself, if not more. SEO can best be described as a furious popularity contest with few rules. Affiliates must have a serious plan and a calculated schedule of the key words their end users are searching for as well as web pages that are full of sticky content that the reader likes to read.

One of the most interesting transformations of the SEO craft is from word search to voice
search. Siri is bringing online marketing to a hyper level of instant, screenless search that is
different from traditional SEO search. Optimization must now consider the results that are born
from voice search on platforms like Amazon and Apple.

This is the future of marketing, and unless marketing companies and individual practitioners
begin to optimize for both voice and word search they will be left behind and outwitted by
the competition. Always be sure to now think in terms of voice search, so what phrases may
your clients be querying, or what questions may they be asking? Try and answer the question
in your content so you can match the answer with their questions. You are essentially becoming a service that will answer their direct question.