Getting Started with mr.playpartners

mr.playpartners caters to affiliates from around the world. No matter where your base of operations may be, our affiliate managers are happy to discuss potential deals, as well as working strategies with you. Although certain regional policies change from time to time, we are very familiar with restrictions and regulations in various regions.

If you are curious to see if mr.playpartners is accepted in your area, feel free to send us a query and we will confirm if it is possible to accept traffic from your area. After we give your region the green light, we will then begin to review your website, or source of traffic and take the next step. Remember, there is no payment required whatsoever to join our network. Once approved, you will be able to start earning within 48 hours. There are many ways to generate clicks and many traffic sources.

Payments with mr.playpartners are processed each month, on the 12th business day. You will receive your payment in EUR and it will be transmitted directly to your bank account. We offer various payment methods including – Moneybookers, Neteller, or through a wire transfer.

Some of the reasons affiliates worldwide are joining the program at mr.playparters is the professionalism, integrity and initiative offered by our account managers. We form partnerships and cooperative strategies for a single mutual goal – convert traffic. Once you decide to join mr.playpartners your account, and website will be reviewed by a team of specialist who will gage your account to determine how we may proceed.