Amsterdam Affiliate Conference (AAC) 2019!

mr.playpartners is excited to announce that it will participate in the upcoming Amsterdam Affiliate Conference (AAC) 2019!
We are eager to meet new affiliates, the existing ones of course and industry thought leaders at this year’s Conference.

The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2019 is taking place on the 16th – 19th July and is a part of the formed iGB Live event.
We are thrilled to meet the delegates, guest speakers and industry leaders.
2019 is turning out to be a tumultuous year for us and for our partners, and putting a face to an email or Skype always makes us happy.

We’ve formed numerous strategic partnerships that have enabled us to accel, and reach new heights in a relatively short period of time.
We have big goals to reach in 2019 and look forward to striking new relationships at this year’s Amsterdam Conference to propel us further.
The importance of these international conferences cannot be overstated, we value the collective effort and collaborative spirit that makes these conferences so great, and so very important.

We look forward to seeing you at this event!
Please feel free to reach out to us before the start of the conference to schedule a time, and date to meet.