Pay N Play – New Payment Method


Who are they?

Pay N Play launched its revolutionary product to the market back in the year 2015.  Just five years on, Pay N Play boasts a whopping +100 brands within in gaming industry that are currently using their technology. Read below for a short guide as to what Pay N Play do, and how their technology is slowly becoming one of the gaming industry’s biggest and most innovative payment solution for players around the world.

What is Pay N Play?

A payment solution developed by Trustly, creates a straightforward experience by removing the barrier between the player and the bank when signing up for a new gaming operator. The simplicity and ingenious of Pay N Play are that it allows gaming operators a chance to boost retention and conversion through the ease of its payment methods.

How does Pay N Play work?

In a nutshell, what Pay N Play creates a direct link between players and operators by eliminating the barriers that KYC requirements can bring to players in the gaming industry. How Pay N Play works is that it connects the Operator to the player’s bank account, allowing deposits and withdrawals to be made with ease.

Benefits for Operators

Needless to say, that Pay N Play can only provide Operators with results. If you do not believe this, we strongly advise you to re-read the last few paragraphs and you will see why for yourself.

The main three benefits that Pay N Play provides to operators are as follows:

  • Boosts conversion
  • Increases acquisition
  • Improves retention

This is like music to the ears of operators in the gaming industry, and for any product in any industry in fact. Pay N Play on their website talk about how with the help of their technology, operators can build healthier, stronger, and long-lasting relationships with their players. (

They explained:
“contrary to popular belief, offering instant withdrawals can actually boost player loyalty. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Trustly, 94% of players said they want access to instant withdrawals and 80% of players agreed that they would play more often with a gaming site that offered them.”

Many operators lose players through lack of instant-payment solutions alone. With Pay N Play, it is clear to see the attraction and the innovation their technology has and how it can benefit your operator.

Benefits for Players

Registering an account online just to play some games in many cases can become a lengthy process. Unlike with Pay N Play which cleverly cut-out the middleman in order to provide an almost effortless registration process. The clue is in the name – Pay N Play!

As we spoke about previously, waiting for withdrawals can be a frustration and off-putting process. Pay N Play are hot on the money and allow for instant, painless withdrawals that appear inside your bank account within a matter of minutes!

Lastly, Pay N Play powered by Trustly, is always free to use as opposed to most other payment methods that require a small fee along with their deposits or withdrawals.


Pay N Play is a fully compliant product approved by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) as well as the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA).