Tips to Increase your Marketing Reach

Consider a Keyword Rich Domain Name
Always select a domain for your website that is easy to remember, keyword rich and appropriate for your brand. Easier said than done. One technique that we recommend is to start with the name that you want, check its availability and if it is taken use variations of it based on a few small changes. Try not to compromise your core name.

Always Post Sticky Quality Content
If you want users to like your site and social pages be sure your content is relevant, insightful and appropriate for your user base. Post new content that is fun, and that has the power to excite your audience. Optimizing your content will bring links and likes naturally so don’t write for SEO, write for your audience and for your brand, not for the robots.

Never Let Bots Control your Content
Be sure not to manipulate your links or link to sites that may not be complete relevant to your audience only get the link count for Google or other search engines. If you happen to meet other webmasters and want to link to their sites in an exchange be sure to do so in an appropriate way that will not generate spam or relegate your site to a lower tier. If you are going to invest, you better find high quality submissions and stay away from keyword stuffed article submissions.