World Cup 2022 At

This November, the 22nd edition of the World Cup will be played. It is always a hugely exciting tournament to watch, and the event draws in enormous viewership figures from around the world. Now that all the qualifiers and draws have taken place, the only thing left for football fans to do is wait until the tournament starts.

With all the groups confirmed, it is already possible to start mapping out the paths for each of the teams in the competition, and there are many different possible matchups that will be extremely exciting to watch. One of the major attractions of the 2022 World Cup is that the competition is open to all nations in the world with a football team. Once in the tournament, anything can happen. The biggest teams can be toppled by underdogs and each game is significant, even in the group stages.

Here at the Magazine, we will be bringing you previews of all the matches in the tournament as well as betting guides, team news, and much more, so be sure to stick around.

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